Proudly Supporting our Republican Legislators
Paid for by Oahu League of Republican Women PAC  |  725 Kapiolani Blvd   C-105 |  Honolulu  HI  96813
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Total 2016 Contributions    $11850
Total 2014 Contributions    $  9300
Total 2012 Contributions    $  8150
Total 2010 Contributions    $  6400
Total 2008 Contributions    $  4000
Total 2006 Contributions    $  3000
Total 2004 Contributions    $  3825
Oahu League of Republican Women first registered with the Campaign Spending commission as a club giving from their treasury in 2004.

In 2006 we changed the status of our PAC to a separate entity and accounted for our Pac funds separately from our treasury funds.  Since we started the PAC we have had steady growth.  We are hoping to more than double our contributions for the next election to help Republican candidates win.
In 2016 we provided campaign compliance training for many of our candidates and their committee officers. 

This is the type of training we intend to continue for the 2018 election. 

If you know someone that would be a good candidate and is willing to learn what it takes to run effectively, have them  go to our Candidate Corner link so they can give us their information and we can help them with early guidance.