Proudly Supporting our Republican Legislators
Our ultimate goal is to be able to support the candidates that meet our criteria with maximum contributions for their races.  We are expecting to need between $24,000 - $30,000 this year.

The candidates we support will
(1) be Republican.
(2) be working a solid plan for their campaign.
(3) satisfactorily complete a short questionnaire to clarify their top priorities and positions on key issues.
(4) Be trained in campaign compliance.

We can accept contributions of up to $1000 per person between now and the August 11, 2018 Primary Election, then another $1000 between August 11 and the November 8 General Election.

Please make your contribution now to help us meet our goals for the 2018 elections.
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Contribution Amount
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Republican representation in the Hawaii State legislature is at a dangerously low level.  With NO members in the senate and only five members in the House our delegation has a hard time making an impact.  We need a gain of twelve in the House to be able to force bills to the floor for a vote. While this won't happen overnight, it is critical that we start making gains if we want to effect change in Hawaii.
To change the current makeup of our state government we need strong Republicans that are well trained and funded to run successful campaigns.  We have many good candidates, we need to provide them with the training and the money required to win their races.
During past years we have relied on bake sales and small contributions to fund our PAC; consequently our ability to help deserving candidates has been limited.  We are working to change that.
ANY contribution will always be gratefully accepted,but we are asking you to dig deep this year if you can.  Your contribution of up to $1000 will help us get closer to our ultimate goal for 2018.
In 2017 We held our first ever major fundraiser -  a Statehood  Celebration.  This was a great success and netted us over $10,0000.
We are thrilled with the opportunities that this has given us to help our candidates.
To  make a contribution by check click on the picture on the left 

Fill in the contribution form and send it in with your check to the address at thebottom of the form.