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Compliance Training
Oahu League of Republican Women (OLRW)  will be providing Compliance Training for all Republican candidates, their campaign chairs and Treasurers on  Saturday, May 14 at 10 am at HRP/OLRW Headquarters.

The classes will cover initial campaign paperwork, initial fundraising suggestions, and forms and suggestions on how to stay compliant with the law throughout your campaign. 

We'll tell you

  • How to craft a simple campaign plan
  • How to craft a simple fund raising letter
  • Who you can - and cannot - take money from
  • What information you need to gather from contributors
  • What are the different types of contributions
  • How to do corporate research on company & PAC contributions
  • How to deposit your contributions
  • How to thank your donors
  • How to determine an allowable expenditure
  • How and when to pay for expenditures
  • How to determine what type of expenditure you are making
  • How to report expenditures and contributions
  • How to determine what an advertisement is & special requirements

We will be doing in-class practice  in our compliance system. 

We will provide personalized forms for use in your campaign as well as a resource disk with the law, CSC rules, CSC books and forms, and our system instructions.

We suggest that all three people eligible for attendance come to the class.  It is important that all top level people in the campaign know and fully understand compliance issues.

This training will be give as an in-kind contribution to participating campaigns.
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